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About us

Our goal at Fresh Pops is to introduce the colorful and genuine flavors of paletas made in the Mexican tradition for the people of Gainesville, Florida. Our ice pop shop, which was started by a driven 19-year-old entrepreneur and proud Mexican-American, is a celebration of cultural heritage, youthful ambition, and the delight of serving delicious frozen treats to our city.


Flavor Heritage

We meticulously handcraft each paleta to capture the essence of genuine Mexican crafting, drawing inspiration from treasured family recipes and the bustling street markets of Mexico. We strive to take our consumers to the vibrant streets of Mexico, where every bite is an explosion of real taste, by using only the freshest and finest ingredients.

I am excited to combine my love of Mexican food and my business drive to open a welcoming location where individuals from all walks of life may enjoy the delight of Mexican-style paletas at the University of Florida. We are committed to creating a warm environment where friends, families, and individuals can come together and appreciate the simple joy of relishing an ice pop.


We at Fresh Pops believe in the strength of community and connection. People can congregate at our ice pop shop to chat, have fun and make lifelong memories. We value variety in our community and promote an atmosphere that values many cultures, viewpoints, and life experiences.

Come along with us as we set off on a savory adventure while stoking your appetite and spreading the joy of Mexican-style paletas. Let's work together to make our shop a beautiful celebration of diversity, flavor, and community.

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