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We meticulously handcraft each paleta to capture the essence of genuine Mexican crafting, drawing inspiration from treasured family recipes and the bustling street markets of Mexico.

What We

Cream Based Ice Pop

Mexican Hot Chocolate

Strawberry Shortcake

PassionFruit Pie

Peanut Butter Chocolate

Strawberry Cream

Vanilla Bean


Artisanal Ice Cream

Banana Pudding


Vanilla Bean

Candy Dump

Toasted Coconut

Chocolate Strawberry Jelly

Cinnamon Cereal Milk

Fudge Lover

Lavender Coffee

Fruit Based Ice Pop

Cucumber Lime Chia

Mango Passionfruit



Guava Lychee

Double Berry Lemonade

Strawberry Rose Tea

Artisanal Sorbet 

Mango Sorbet

Lemon Lime

Coconut (Vegan)

Chocolate (Vegan)

I am excited to combine my love of Mexican food and my business drive to open a welcoming location where individuals from all walks of life may enjoy the delight of Mexican-style paletas at the University of Florida.

Remi Sanchez IV

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